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Welcome to Get Farm Fresh

Get Farm Fresh is a classic elucidation of how the vision and perseverance of a small family team can impact the lives of thousands. We are extraordinarily simple people with one elementary goal; deliver garden-fresh fruits and vegetables to every household in Vadodara. Our ultra-simple and user-friendly website enable and empowers our customers to order locally grown fruit and vegetables from the comfort of their homes. We are simplifying the lives of our fellow Barodians with our remarkably prompt service. The primary reason behind our phenomenal success is our sheer commitment to quality, we have never compromised on the freshness and quality of our products and this is why we only partner with the well-reputed premium farms. 

Our mission 

Our mission is to supply the best quality produce to all Barodians, hassle-free. Ensuring each and every man, woman and child have access to a time-saving service that encourages healthy eating habits and promotes the 2 and 5 concepts. ( 2 fruit and 5 veg per person, per day)

We strive to ensure each and every piece will be enjoyed in its freshest possible state, packed with vitamins and flavor, without the hassle of going to farmers markets or fruit shops and supermarkets.

It's a fact that most families don't achieve the 2 and 5, however, we aim to change this through lower prices, greater service, fast home or office delivery and with influencers on our social media videos and blogs which are aimed at educating and promoting healthier eating habits and practices. Please feel free to join our social pages for tips and tricks, along with recipes and much much more which will help you buy smarter, save you money and keep the whole family eating and living healthier

Our Company

We are 100% family-owned and operated a business, we've believed in something greater than just selling fresh food. We’ve believed in nature itself. The land, the sea, the air, the elements. It’s a remarkable thing. It brings families together, supports communities, and gives farmers a means. It offers nutrients to our bodies, and joy to our taste buds.

We are leading the way in the fresh fruit and vegetable delivery industry and been purchasing Premium Locally Grown produce daily from the APMC Wholesale Markets and delivering with free delivery, to homes.

We do not have a retail outlet, which enables us to provide a service many of our competitors, (even the big ones) could only dream about. We provide a service whereby we purchase, pack, and deliver on the same day, to hundreds of happy customers on a daily basis. Our setup and systems in our warehouse enable us to check each individual piece of fruit and vegetables being delivered for bruising, markings, etc. With no retail outlet, we hold no old stock, ensuring you the consumer only has the best, freshest produce delivered. We only buy what we need for each day. 

Our service is simple. Premium fruit and vegetables delivered, direct from the grower to your door, with the added bonus of free delivery when you minimum spend Rs100.

And we believe that moving with nature isn’t just better for the environment. It’s better for our customers too. ‘Cos sometimes nature sees fit to provide us with a bunch of Bananas. And we think that’s pretty special – so we put them on special!

Better tasting produce from sustainable suppliers. Bigger value from unexpectedly bigger harvests. More variety from truly seasonal conditions. The highest quality which can only come from years of experience and a close relationship with farmers and their land.