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Top 6 Healthy Food Habits to develop during lockdown

Top 6 Healthy Food Habits to develop during lockdown

Nature has its own way to remind this faltered race about its repercussions of the actions laid down in the last two decades. The physical fitness of mankind has taken a back seat until the arrival of this dreadful pandemic taking a toll over the developed nations like Italy,Spain,USA, Germany etc. The World Health Organisation is insisting people to acquire healthy food habits in a lockdown environment,stating it could raise their chances of a fast recovery if they are diagnosed with COVID-19. The exigencies of humanity needs to be addressed and implemented with immediate effect.

Let us foster some healthy food habits during lockdown in India:


1.Ensuring hydration:

Dehydration might give an edge to the virus to attack. Drinking water adequately will keep us hydrated and reduce the chances of  getting infected.Apart from water one can indulge in juices as well to keep us hydrated and luxuriously calm our body metabolism. You can refer to our last blog “5 Refreshing Summer Juice Recipes” for some energizing mocktails to ward off  toxins from your body.


Hydration tips to stay hydrated in the summer heat (With images ...


For fresh fruits, none can replace Vadodara’s farm fresh app with its exclusive range of fruits in store. Just a call away and you can relish the delectable plethora of fruits right at your doorstep. We believe in practising best healthy food habits during lockdown.


2. One Pot Nutritious Recipes:

Lockdown might not ensure us the availability of a variety of food items as per our choice and requirement. Amidst all these pandemonium, our buoyant appetite needs to be gratified. With limited available resources, our hands are tied but our taste buds still alive. The need of the hour is to delve into nutritious recipes to boost our immune system and enhance the benefits of healthy food habits. Shelter in some quick one pot recipes through our last article related to healthy food habits “ Delicious One-Pot Meal Recipes for this Lockdown.” Did you know that you can order all the veggies you need for these recipes in one single click. The Sabzi Ki Tokri Value Pack has more than 10 varieties of vegetables weighing 8 to 10kgs. It's on the Get Farm Fresh App. Check it out before you try out these recipes!


3. Plan your meals:

Meal Planning Made Simple – Mc Currie

It's high time we cultivate best food habits for a healthy life. Undoubtedly, this pandemic taught us a lesson for centuries to come that none can replace health and money can’t buy life. Consequently, we need to shift our priorities from accumulation of wealth to establishing a healthy lifestyle. Ensuring better health requires a lot of planning as we devise our financial obligations without fail. With our extreme preoccupied schedules we fall short in accomplishing our health goals. To sink in some benefits of  healthy food habits, we ought to install a bushy-tailed strategy in order to set proper meal times. This will aggravate in preventing irrelevant snacking around on unhealthy foods as well as manage our hungry cravings on time. Indeed to kick start this plan of action, a weekly plan of meals along with a shopping list is immensely important. To help you with the shopping of veggies and fruits,Vadodara’s Farm fresh App is just a call away.


4. Natural Immune Boosters:

Today we stand in the middle of  a catastrophic crisis wherein we have to desperately look for a natural immunity booster. Twist of the tale we are bound to reinforce best healthy food habits in a lockdown environment to fight the ongoing pandemic COVID19. To build that we need to cater ourselves with some immunity boosters and to name a few superfoods which might rescue us from this medical meltdown. To have a detailed overview with some natural immune boosters, one can go through our previous blog: “How to boost our immunity naturally?” Firmly holding on to our roots is so essential to increment the essence of a healthy lifestyle. Feeding our digestive system with all the junk is in no way gonna help us improve the immunity levels. And the pandemic proved to the core that our failure in denying the advantages of  healthy food habits. Incurring the severe loss of economy can be revived along a certain period of time but regaining lost health is nearly impossible.


5. When you eat right,you think right!

The recent stay-at-home mandate has shuffled our lives in several ways than one could ever imagine. It has made us think very contrarily about our health, wealth, fitness, nutrition, exercise and relationships. It has put a big question mark about our healthy food  habits?

One should not compromise with the very first meal of the day: a balanced breakfast must mandatorily include a  mix of carbohydrates, fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. A wholesome breakfast is enough to energize your day. Let’s not forget to ensure our other meals are well-balanced to provide the right blend of nutrients throughout the day. 


Healthy Eating Plate | Visual.ly

Some simple tips to amplify our immune system:

> Eat a good source of protein every day (e.g. fish, meat, eggs, nuts, beans, tofu)

> Consume 2 or 3 portions of dairy every day (e.g. milk, cheese, yoghurt or dairy alternatives such as soya milk)

> Include starchy foods at every meal (e.g. bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, cereals)

> Eat a minimum of five portions of fruit and veg every day

> If you eat fish, aim for two portions a week and try to include oily fish

> Drink 6 to 8 cups/glasses of fluid every day


6. Emotional Strength And Discipline:



One famous quote states that “A family which eats together stays together”. Indian culture speaks aloud of its ethical values and always brings together families during meal timings. Eating meals together have a plethora of advantages: creates a sense of connection, imparts the younger generation an opportunity to build up social skills, communication skills and a lot more. These all add up to our emotional well being to a large extent and is much needed to stand dejected at the current scenario.

To place all the items on a formal platter as discussed above can only be brought into practice through discipline. We ought to understand that the mind and body have an indispensable link to each other and hence it is imperative to acquire some best healthy habits.

Planning and building our overall well-being in this phase is going to be an investment for our future that will not just pay dividends in terms of our health but also help us realize our capabilities.