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6 immunity boosting fruits and vegetables to stay fit this monsoon

6 immunity boosting fruits and vegetables to stay fit this monsoon

Let's take a look at some yummy fruits and veggies that will keep you satiated during the monsoon and help build your immunity.


1.Lauki (Bottle Gourd)

The super simplistic Bottle gourd or lauki has been crowned as one of the best and healthiest vegetables of this season. It is rich in dietary fiber. It helps in maintaining a healthy digestive tract. The icing on the cake, it has iron content and is rich in vitamin B and C. Lauki has abundant anti-oxidants and if you wish to lose some weight, it can indeed accentuate your low-calorie diet.



Must try Lauki dishes: Lauki Kofta, Lauki Halwa, Lauki Thepla, Lauki Soup and Lauki Raita!


2. Karela (bitter gourd)


Although you can find bitter gourd throughout the year, you will be quite amazed to know that it’s typically grown and harvested in July. This much loathed vegetable might not be the heartthrob of the veg platter but the fact is, it can actually boast of its healthy facets. It does help in maintaining blood sugar, making it perfect for diabetics. Well, this humble karela is quite high in calcium that's quite more than even spinach. Adding on to this, bitter gourd is high in vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals which is great to boost immunity and keep the toxins out. It can be termed as the dark horse of the vegetable arena. Fruits of hard work might not be bitter but a twist of the tale: you can always add some bitterness to your diet to remain healthy!


Must Try Karela dishes: Karela Meetha Achar, Karela chips, Dhaas Karela (bhara hua karela)


3. Bhindi (lady's finger)

Lady's finger occupies the hot seat in most of the households. As the name goes, it's every child's delight. Monsoons beckon the blooming of luscious lady's fingers. The green hue of the lady's finger is at it's best. Although it can be grown throughout the year, they are ripe for the picking in June after the long summer. Not to forget bhindi is high in dietary fiber, vitamin C and A, magnesium, calcium, and iron. Lady's finger can grasp the attention of our fussy kids with some of their favourite bhindi dishes.Nevertheless, when fried it is YUMMY!



Must try Bhindi Dishes: Bhindi Fry, Bhindi ka Salan, Bharwan Bhindi


4.Kantola (Teasel Gourd) Teasel gourd 


A rare vegetable Kantola - is green coloured cactus-like vegetable that has an array of health benefits. Rich in proteins, iron, and fiber, it helps keep your stomach in good shape during the monsoons by strengthening the functioning of your digestive tract and keeping infections at bay. Find this seasonal vegetable on our App and order it right away!


Must try Kantola dishes: Stir Fry Kantola, Kantola Sambhar, Kantola Suva Masala


5. Pomegranate

Rich in B-vitamins and folate, Pomegranate helps in blood circulation and supports development of red blood cells. It is really a wonder fruit rich in anti-oxidants.


Must-Try Pomegranate dish: Mix some salt and pepper with pomegranate grains or just juice it up in a mixer!

6. Plum

Plums are an excellent source of Vitamins C and K, Copper, Potassium and few dietary fibers. The reddish-blue pigment in plums can protect you against cancer. They reduce constipation and help improve immunity.


Must try with Plums: Try making Jams, Jellies, add them to icecreams or just eat them as is!

When we can boost our immunity with such a dose of fruits and vegetables then why visit the medical store for a pack of medicines? This monsoon, let's not lose it to the rains amidst this pandemic storm. Rebuild our immune system with a healthy platter of fruits and vegetables. We at Vadadora's Get Farm Fresh app is just a click away to serve you with our exclusive range of fruits and vegetables right at your doorstep. Besides, just stay safe and be kind!