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30-04-20205 Refreshing Summer Drink Recipes you must try!

The doorbell rang……………………….!

Guess who’s there?

The sultry sun oppressively decked up with its blazing attire peeping through every nook and cranny of the house. Scorching heat, sweltered souls , perspiring minds crave for some chilled recipes to beat the heat. Dehydration takes a toll during sizzling Vadodara summers. Juices and drinks are the only way to keep us hydrated and all...

09-03-2020Vadodara's Get Farm Fresh App: A Boon for Working Women!

Women have the major task of handling the kitchen and ensuring kitchen supplies including fresh vegetables and fruits are available all the time. Although fast track technology has crept into the length and breadth of every corner of the world easing our lives, there is still a lack of a reliable kitchen partner in this regard. Day in and day out we hear about a lot of apps ensuring more ease to our lives. Apps are more conducive to working couples who rarely have time to look into trivial details. The cluster of working women is always in a look-out for apps w...

30-03-2020How to Boost your Immunity, naturally!

In the race to make billions this tech savvy generation failed to reconnect with its own health and well-being. The happy go lucky millenial generation depends more on ready-to-eat and frozen foods giving least thought to the consequences. The casual attitude has brought us to an unprecedented catastrophe across the globe. And here rises the biggest battle to stay alive and reminds us of the term coined centuries ago by British Naturalist Charles Darwin: “Survival of the Fittest!”


Today we stand amidst an inexplicable crisis wherein we have to desperately look for a natural immunity booster. So, let's see which foods ca...

18-04-2020Delicious One-Pot Meal Recipes for this Lockdown

At the time of this unprecedented pandemic crisis, when the entire world is unpredictably locked down to pause the spread of this deadly contagious disease and people are helplessly stuck at different corners of the globe. The only way we are connected with each other is virtually. A huge thanks to the world wide web to keep us well connected during these seasons of lockdown,isolation and quarantine. The only ray of hope in these dark,gloomy days is the world of social media keeping our dead souls alive with updates, comic videos, facebook,twitter,whatsapp and instagram posts of celebrities trying their best...

23-05-2020Top 6 Healthy Food Habits to develop during lockdown

As our fight continues with the century’s biggest ever epidemic-COVID-19. It's an unanticipated trial period for the entire human race where you are gauged on different parameters like health, wealth, fitness, nutrition, exercise, and relationships. Most specifically, our immune system and healthy habits are being judged and answerable to a plethora of queries. While our scientists proudly proclaim their achievements of reaching Mars,exploring space, developing nuclear weapons; each and every nation must confess that they failed to equip an updated medical system to fight an uncontrolled virus of this kind. In this race of chasing behind money,status,technology to become a “Super-Power” our scholarly bureaucrats forgot to emph...

20-01-20205 Genius ways to include Avocados in Gujarati Diet

When it comes to gujarati food all we can think of is a combination of sweets, farsan, roti, sabji, daal, kadi and khichdi which often gives a roller coaster ride to our taste buds. And how can we forget nashta like jalebi, fafda, khaman, dhokla. But wait, aren't we forgetting something in between these tasty items??? Perhaps, our health? Read on to know how addition of a simple ingredien...

31-01-2020Pickle Recipes of your favorite Winter Vegetables

Winter comes with so many goodies like morning dewdrops on bright green leaves, foggy weather, long sleepy nights and colourful markets stocked up with fresh fruits and vegetables. One who knows how scarce vegetables become during the summer, knows the value of pickling winter vegetables. Pickling helps preserve the nutrients in these vegetables and provides us with a boost of antioxidants along with the many benefits of fermented foods. So in this article we will see how to turn your fa...

12-02-20207 health benefits of having greens in your diet

The only one food item which we can eat without thinking of any skin problem, weight problem, or health problem is the green leafy vegetables. The greens (green leafy vegetables) are so good for our body that we can eat them in any season and in any amount we want. Greens include green vegetables such as broccoli, parsley, lettuce, spinach, etc. They help our body to get vitamins, minerals and fibre. Having a meal which includes green leafy vegetables can help our body in many ways. Let’s consider some benefits of ...






1/2 bunch parsley

3 stalks celery

1/2 lemon

1/2 bunch Spinach